Our Company

Geese Police – Boston Metro Area provides Canada goose control for businesses in the greater Boston / Worcester / Providence metropolitan area. Geese Police is a franchised business owned by GPI, LLC, which was founded in 1997, and operates 14 franchises in major East Coast and Midwest metro areas. Geese Police uses a proprietary system of harassment using trained border collies to produce and maintain a decrease of at least 90% in resident goose population. This is the only proven, humane, and environmentally friendly way of providing effective Canada goose control. 

Company Highlights

  • Geese Police – Boston is a franchised Canada goose control service, currently operating in 14 major metro areas in the US.
  • Using highly trained border collies, Geese Police can permanently reduce the Canada goose population from any site by over 95%.
  • Geese Police methods do not harm geese, and are approved by the US Fish & WIldlife Service and the Humane Society of America.

Not located in the Boston area? Find a Geese Police location near you here.

Meet The owner

Elliot Oren grew up in Baltimore County, Maryland. He went to the University of Maryland Baltimore County and held a variety of jobs, including horse wrangler and trail guide for a Montana outfitter before being hired by Geese Police of Maryland. Elliot was eventually hired by Geese Police of Central Maryland as well, gaining over 7 years of valuable experience as a dog handler, farm manager, and sales representative before deciding to open his own franchise in Boston.

Contact Info:

Telephone: (617)-982-2111
Email: elliot.oren@geesepoliceboston.com



Kenda’s name means "child of cool, clear water", and fittingly, her favorite part of her job is swimming after the geese.


Blitz was a champion sheep herder before coming to work full-time for Geese Police.